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Highlights of the week

Hello haematology
Goodbye dermatology, we’re on to haematology for the next four weeks. For all those less medicineaholic than me, haematology is the study of all the components of the blood and then over the lymphatic system as well.  
This week is all about introductions and anaemia, who knew there was so much to know about it?
In clinical skills, we learnt how to feel for abnormal lymph nodes which I’ve always wanted to do. There’s like a bazillion nodes around the head and neck, gah (submandibular, submental, anterior triangle, posterior triangle, occipital, pre-auricular, post-auricular, supraclavicular, axilliary, inguinal, etc.). Turns out, I’m ill and I have a huge lymph node in the right anterior triangle so I got prodded for the rest of the lesson. 
I was really bad this week for going to lectures, only went to like 3 this whole week, although I did have a valid excuse for some of them. And OH MY, am I paying for it now. 

C2 Come Dine With Me

Our year is split into 16 groups and I’m in C2. We are together twice a day everyday for the next five years so it’s quite good that we are all super close and really good friends with each other.
A couple months ago, we started going Come Dine With Me every wednesday. I was before christmas, not fun to cook for 11 people let me tell you.
Anyways, this week it was Jonny’s turn…
Starter: Mediterranean pasta 
Main course: Roast chicken, veg and mashed potatoes
Dessert: Crepes with chocolate and marshmallows or bananas. 
Wowww, this meal was so lush.
I maintained my tradition and took out the shoelaces from his sneakers and tied them to his drawer handles. He wasn’t too happy, hehe.
Then off to Skint at the union, which was decent until we went down to Mono (the big club in the union). It was packed and everyone was jumping up and down which I can’t handle with my back, ouchies.  

Wednesday in Aberdeen
Woke up at 12 (missed all my lectures booooo)
Got a million texts from my flatmate next year saying that she thinks we lost our flat
Taxi to Grant Management. We still have our beautiful flat, phew.
Walk to bus station with heavy bags, back hurts.
Severely overestimated how much time it would take and waited for an hour in the bus station
On the bus, I sat at the back cos I iz cool like that. I looked up quotes, played some backgammon and then did some haematology notes.
I knew I was in Aberdeen when the sky turned dark gray and it looked like the apocalypse had arrived.
Union square - found Gemma, Bethany, and two folk from work.
Starbucks with mother
Saw Jamie, Lori and Lee at home
More haem notes
Introduced mom to Jersey Shore, I’m pretty sure she loves it
Helen and Olly finally downloaded.

Because my mom has the same time estimation skills that I do, we turned up to the MRI centre in Woodend Hospital 45 minutes early. No biggie, they had good magazines there. Except that they were running super late. My appointment was at 5:45 and I ended up being seen at 7:00. Gutted, eh. 
When I had to get changed, I couldn’t remember which way to put my gown on and panicked a little. I was going to tweet it.
It was actually really comfy in the machine. I like confined spaces. I could have slept there anyday. I had earphones on which ended up being so quiet that half the time I couldn’t hear it over the BANGBANGBANGBANG of the MRI, but they had Original on the radio so it was for the better.
The MRI lasted around twenty minutes and just make different banging noises every so often and then jerked about. My muscles kept spasming cos I was trying so hard not to move.
I didn’t even get to see the images at the end.
Some girls want a poster of Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner on their wall, nah I want a picture of my own vertebral column. 

Rachel’s birthday party

Train back to Aberdeen.
Rachel’s at 7:30
We stayed there for noms and ice cream cake (so nom) and then went out to Rev, Korova (proper headbanging, we looked so out of place though aha) and New Noise @ Liquid.
Things I loved about that night:
- It was Rachel’s 18th!
- Drinks in Rev
- Stacey arguing with some neds on the street
- The music in Korova
- The free jello shots, mmhm
- The music in new noise
- Playing Sorry, You’re Not A Winner - Enter Shikari 
- Playing I’m on a Boat 
- Dancing in new noise
- Stacey trying to start a mosh pit in Liquid and failing!
- Being told some comedy things
- Outside chat with Kathryn and Stuart
- Chips and curry sauce at the end of the night
- Basically, all of it :) 

Jack’s birthday party

Started off in the VIP bit of Tiger Tiger which was in some sort of secret place, ooer. I’d never been to Tiger but it was alright, even though I got ID’d about a bazillion times. 

Then to Korova, then to Rev, then to Tiger then to McDonalds.
Things I loved:
- That horrible horrible picture of me taking by Jack
- Cupcakes!
- Seeing Roma
- Secret passageway
- Tiger bathroom photos with Stace
- Ruaridh’s refusal to accept the ‘No trainers in town’ rule
- The skirt that I bought that day
- Rev staff- I seeee ya! I miss the staff, especially my big brother Iain
- StaceyRachelEilidh time (most of all :) )
- The bouncer at rev that I’m friends with that kept closing the decking doors for us
- Getting picked up by Aiden and told I was going home with him tonight (instead he’s coming to dundee next time he has two days off yay!)
- Not how crowded Tiger had become!
- Getting into Tiger for free and not having to queue
- Being fed fries at maccy dees by jack

Other aberdeen bits and pieces
I love you guys!
Come visit me, yeah? 

Bus back to Dundee which I nearly missed.
My mom gave me a sandwich, a packet of sweet popcorn, haribo and jelly babies :)
And the megabus was an hour and 10 minutes early, WIN. 

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